Flourishing Burkina

Dove: Burkina Fasu

Chi: Taddart

Nel villaggio Jean Viars 30% va a progetti e donne

Abbiamo intervistato i resopnsabili di Taddart, la ong francese.

< we want to empower women throught the develompent of the Community of wich they are part, and not vice versa- says Marie Duhamell of Taddart.. Thet's why our stays enable activities of tourism, make economical local networks active, partecipate on creating job positions, and support investiments in the local develompent. >. On the beginning there were the stays in local homes, but seen the poor conditions, all the travels were made to leave an income to the collective projects and the poorest. In 2009 Taddart supported projects for 4524 euros. In Burkina Fasu they help the solar energy power for the library in the village of Tiébélé, and the creation of a vegetable garden for the women in Korablé, with the partner ADT. They work in nine Countries with Séjour Habitant and Séjour Tradition, among cultural heritage, walks, ateliers, daily life. This is the form of the travel Bukina Vert et ethnies



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