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    Women occupied in responsible tourism are GRT protagonist
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    GRT is travels to women’s places
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    GRT is Gender Criteria in tourism
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    GRT is Networking
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    GRT is Making Projects




    At school or at home, for work or out of curiosity, what to read and what educators suggest


    How to start, to go on welcoming and marketing your products, how to spread the word


    Specializing in sustainability, from conception, to Project completion, to all responsible tourism


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GRT Network gallery

  • Asbp Corso Di Animazione Turistica

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  • Domus Amigas in Sardinia, Italy


    An adventure started 40 years ago. This is a story of how a group of women became an ethical association, started building, harvesting, educating, making responsible tourism. And how you can go visit, for a holiday in their b+b in Sardinia. 

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  • Maasai Women, Tanzania

    Maasai Women, Tanzania

    This is the story of how a long experience in Tanzania brought Istituto Oikos from environment to people, to focus on projects with women. Who are the great protagonists of Maasai Women Art fair trade. While the Maasai Community learned how to organise tourism. So now, going there means to bring an advantage directly to Maasai people. 
  • Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

    Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

    From the south side of the word, this is the story of the first project that ended succesfully, involving the Community from the beginning. Starting from a development project and becoming a great travel.
  • From work to travel in Ecuador

    From work to travel in Ecuador

    How to turn a working project into a tourism project in Ecuador? ...
  • How to involve an island

    How to involve an island

    This is the story of how the Acra Ngo, organised in Zanzibar projects against poverty, that achievedmaking a better tourism, a better life for communities, Questa è la storia di come, in anni di lavoro, la Ong Acra ha organizzato a Zanzibar progetti contro la povertà, che hanno migliorato il turismo, la vita delle comunità, la qualità e la quantità di esperienze per i viaggiatori.

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  • What did we talk about at ITB

    What did we talk about at ITB

    We counted 150 events, just in the Compact CSR-related event program!

  • The new Global Report on Women in Tourism

    The new Global Report on Women in Tourism

    The preliminary findings of the second Global Report on Women in Tourism have been released.

  • A new Initiative to increase your competitiveness

    A new Initiative to increase your competitiveness

    We are pleased to announce that GRT has been invited by the International Trade Centre (ITC, joint agency of the UN and WTO), to develope the first Group about Responsible Tourism for their She Trades initiative.
    Women tourism entrepreneurs are invited to join She Trades and to enter the GRT Group on She Trades

  • Good News and New Data at the ITB

    Good News and New Data at the ITB

    We recently took part in a “Gender Equality in Tourism” Panel at the Berlin Travel Show on March 8th , where we were introduced to a panel of interesting speakers with important ideas to be shared.

  • Responsible Morocco

    Responsible Morocco

    Who have been the most surprised on the 20 of march, at the Responsible Tourism Awards in Rabat? Zineb and Jean PIerre Datcharry, who, with the Swiss NGO won the Prix Public for the project "Tourism Therapeutique" .

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  • Cooperation, Institutions and UN Agencies.  A rural project in Albania.
    The Frima and Kelmend Consortium is a prime example, because for ...
  • The case of Pink Route
    How institutions network. A prime example in Italy. Nowadays, tourists can choose from 27 ideas (that is how many women there are in this network at the moment) in the three valleys and the city. But how did the Pink Route project come to life?

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