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    GRT is Gender Criteria in tourism
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    At school or at home, for work or out of curiosity, what to read and what educators suggest


    How to start, to go on welcoming and marketing your products, how to spread the word


    Specializing in sustainability, from conception, to Project completion, to all responsible tourism


    Follow the debate and keep up to data, latest studies and expert opinions

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  • ITB ‘23 The first Gender Equality Award

    ITB ‘23 The first Gender Equality Award


    One thing for sure is changing in tourism: now there is an Award just for the best gender projects.

  • ITB ‘23 The Celebrating her Award

    ITB ‘23 The Celebrating her Award


    Is something changing in tourism?

    We are happy to announce that we have been protagonists of a great International Women's Day, online from the Hybrid Studio Stage, at the Berlin tourism fair. as you can read here and in the Equality Award news.

  • ITB ‘23 Trends

    ITB ‘23 Trends


    Is something changing in tourism? Here are some hints from ITB, the Berlin tourism fair.

  • Metaverse or

    Metaverse or "controversial"?

     Tourism and Metaverse at the BTO in Florence. Are women in tourism looking at the last news from the world of technology? Or do they prefer a turn towards "In Real Life"? 

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  • Cooperation, Institutions and UN Agencies.  A rural project in Albania.
    The Frima and Kelmend Consortium is a prime example, because for ...
  • The case of Pink Route
    How institutions network. A prime example in Italy. Nowadays, tourists can choose from 27 ideas (that is how many women there are in this network at the moment) in the three valleys and the city. But how did the Pink Route project come to life?

>> Dossier

  • Best Practices in Madhya Pradesh

    Best Practices in Madhya Pradesh

    How did the Indian State win five Awards with a huge Responsible Tourism project? We went to visit with experts from the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board and the International Center for Responsible Tourism, and we found out that the leaders are women and men from the local communities.

  • International Women in Travel & Tourism Forum 2021

    International Women in Travel & Tourism Forum 2021

    5 days, 5 themes, 50 speakers and 350 subscribers are the numbers of the first international virtual forum on women in tourism 

  • Human Rights, Gender and Tourism

    Human Rights, Gender and Tourism

    After the Panel about Human Rights at the ITB Berlin. I have combine the themes of women, rights, tourism, and then I built a patchwork of situations in a Report in a nutshell.

  • Women from closure to reopening

    Women from closure to reopening

    From closure to opening, for women the pre-existing weakness is widening.
    Iaia Pedemonte Research for the ISTO 'E-Week of Fair and Sustainable Tourism for all' Conference ‘The role of women in tourism and their place in the post crisis period’

  • What can we do to face the tourism crisis

    What can we do to face the tourism crisis

    Pandemic is exacerbating inequalities. How can women who work alone, who are hosts, planners, managers, creatives, employed in the hospitality industry, react?

GRT Special Offers... waiting to go

Travels thought by women for women

The GRT Members - the most active entrepreneurs of the Community-, study a special welcome for Independent Women Travelers (alone or with friends and family): a new idea of customised holidays that are a personalized opportunity, because, in the GRT community, female travelers look for what female entrepreneurs offer.

Let us now fight against the crisis for when we travel again.

We prepare experiences that are good for us, for others and for the territory.
Choose from new gifts every day for you

1. Go to the  Become an Independent Woman Traveler to receive the recognition sticker
2. Choose your favorite destination on this page, read the article with the data and write to the GRT Member attaching the sticker
3. Together organize the trip directly, when and how you want

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