Launching the Six Pillars of GRT



The Six Pillars is our new Framework for Action for the  achievement of more gender-equitable forms of tourism,  launched in November 2013 at the WTM (World Tourism Market).

The document identifies 6 Pillars that are intended to provide a  framework for action leading towards the achievement of gender  responsible tourism – in other words an approach to tourism which  recognises the valuable contributions of women and seeks to redress  existing inequities and injustices in tourism as a whole.

Developed by a pool of experts, this Framework is the first step.  The next step is the development of detailed guidelines providing  clear examples of the ways in which the general actions called for  in this Framework for Action can be implemented.

In short:

1- Promoting the quality, as well as quantity of women's engagement in the tourism sector.
In order to achieve the above, initiatives taken to engage women in tourism should take into account the socio-cultural gender-biases existing in tourism planning and development......
2- Promoting equal access to opportunities in tourism for women .
In order to enhance women's access to such opportunities, actions are needed to increase women's access to: Specialised vocational training...
3- Promoting a fair and equitable sharing of benefits from tourism
Too often women are denied an equitable share in the benefits of tourism. For example, they are frequently paid less than their male counterparts for the same work...
4- Upholding the rights of women employed in tourism
Tourism companies must uphold and defend the rights of women workers by:
Building women's awareness of their legal rights....
5- Opposing commoditisation and others forms of gender-based exploitation in the tourism sector
A policy of zero tolerance with respect to any form of exploitation...
6- Promoting Women's Voices and Leadership
Promote women's involvement in decision-making at all levels of tourism processes from initial planning, project development, implementation and monitoring of outcomes.
Ensure women's voices are heard at the community level
Provide support mechanisms to enhance the active participation of women in decision-making spaces

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