Iaia Pedemonte tells about her MAKING OF GRT, from the first blog to a communication project: employment of women and new trends in tourism, for the first time combined and pursued to practical  use.

<<As a journalist, I have always been sensitive to gender issues and have taken part in projects about tourism, writing articles, reports, and enquiries.
As I noticed that there was an absence in the media concerning the above mentioned two subjects, I initiated the first communication project with the aim of creating a network amongst women from the two hemispheres of the world.
When UNWTO founded the Gender Section and the Italian Responsible Tourism Association supported it with the Focus group of Gender, we wrote a Report and a Paper (refer to Documents under Info)
Being an independent professional, I could operate faster than big organizations, and talk as an equal to other women.
So I realized that a website, interactive and immediate, was much needed>>.

Since then, GRT has continued growing and it is now a Travel Magazine, a Network and a pool of experts, many voices talking and collaborating
We have become an Associaton and we are a registered magazine.
We have been linked to the ILO Gender Magazine and are in the list of Women Enterprises of the Lombardy Region. Newspapers have written articles about our stories, multiplying the contacts of our women, the protagonists.
We are mentioned among the Useful Resources by UNWTO.
We won the Woman for Environment Prize and were invited for the International Women Day by the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella.

GRT Team
Anna Maria Catano, editor in chief
Nilde Rivosecchi, graphic and project
Manuela Bolchini, new projects and relations with operators
Silvia Vaccaro, contributor
Christine De Santis, translations
Giulia Canciani, research 
Eleonora SImonetti e Sabrina Calcagno, social media 
Angelo Lo Giudice, webmaster 
Surabhi Singh, Aditi Chanchani, Lucy Ferguson, Angela Hadjpateras, Daniela Alarconon: International experts in gender, tourism 
Iaia Pedemonte, project and editorial coordinator
Iaia Pedemonte is a free lance journalist, founder of She wrote for magazines and newspapers such as: Qui Touring, Style, Viaggi di Repubblica, Tuttoturismo, Vanity Fair, Il Secolo XIX, Abitare, Gioia, Donna e Mamma, Insieme, Dove, Epoca,, 
Iaia has undertaken assignments for International Organizations, among which the UNDP for a sustainable ecotourism project in Yemen. She reported worldwide about women’s empowerment and about development in tourism destinations. She got the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (with ILO, Undp and PRDU) Advanced Diplomas in: “Post War Reconstruction”, “Development and International Cooperation” (including a course on Gender and development), “Humanitarian Operators in International Emergencies” (including courses on Communication in difficult situations and Developing gender empowering strategies), “Strategies in competing in tourism”.

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