Pitagora and coast to coast

Where: Italy, Lucania

Who: Masseria Garleo

 Between nature and historical landscape 

Embedded between two seas and characterized by lively nature, Basilicata it's a "landscape of history". 
Lucania was the land of Pitagora and his philosophic school, giving birth to Orazio and many other, their art is and forever will be part od the stones, woods and water of this land.
This almost sacred elements are like a thread joining all the women who live in Lucania. When you talk to a woman she will lead you to another with the meaning of sharing the culture and values of love respect of the land and the animals. 
The Masseria Gargelo, invites you to discover many medical herbs, natural dye for clothes, oil production, jam and many more handmade projects. Inn the lab of Per boschi e contrade you will assist to a production of almost 51 jams.
Find more on Basilicata on the "Guida delle Libere Viaggiatrici" https://www.g-r-t.org/la-nuova-guida-delle-libere...Basilicata masseria gargaleo donna laboratorio

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La Guida delle Libere viaggiatrici
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