At work against mafias

Where: Locride, Calabria 
Who: Consorzio Sociale Goel

2starsSeveral women work in the cooperatives along historical paths

Medieval towns and forests are among the richness of Calabria: history, nature, culture, folklore and gastronomy make Locride a unique land to be discovered and loved. But the experience of Goel's Travels brings into the country to get in touch with a movement against illegality. goelmappa The Social Consortium Goel (, through its tour operator "Responsible Tourism" offers "The Travels of Goel", its purpose, to offer a fresh image of Locride and Calabria, proposing a different way of thinking the act of travelling as a discovery not just of ourselves but to value one of the most beautiful places in Italy, sharing the experience of a country and its many young people that struggle against the local injustice of the mafia, as well as its social exclusion.
In this way the name "Responsible Tourism" invites the "traveller", quite different from being the "tourist", to become co-responsible for the reality that is being visited, creating strong feelings and friendship which will last across time, even after the traveller's experience has completed. “The Travels of Goel” will soon support “Responsible Tourism” by adding Environmental and Ecological tourist routes, Social Tourism travels and Relief Tourism services.
A vacation, lived respecting man's dimension, becomes in this way a unique chance to discover the roots of our civilization and the beauty of the relationship forged between many different people and also a diverse range of cultures. goellocri Famous for its generous hospitality, Locride offers enchanting scenery. Its stunning landscapes are rich and varied and filled with surprises. You can get from the mountains to the sea in a just few kilometres: from the ski pistes of Gambarie in Aspromonte to the crystalline depths of the Ionian Sea on the Costa dei Gelsomini (the Jasmine Coast).
The rich historical and cultural heritage is rooted in a past that has seen different cultures and peoples coming and going over the centuries: from the Greeks to the Romans, the Byzantines to the Spaniards. But tourists can visit local people. An example? Have a look of the catalogue's itinerary itinerario Artigianalità e tradizioni.. Among the numerous traditional products made here, the most notable are: terracotta, ceramics, hand-made cloth spun on the loom and wrought iron.
Woodwork goes from the production of kitchen utensils (spoons, bowls) to the production of fine pipes made of erica Arborea briar On the itinerary from Gerace you will find out old weaving techniques and at least 20 women decorating precious fabrics, at the Cooperative Aracne. Then the Cangiari girls sawing, and the Utopia coop women at work. The same fabrics are modelled for fashion boutiques. At the coop Arca della Salvezza you will pick fruit and taste cheese, salami, preserves, oil. And you will buy products with the Goel Bio label.

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