Green and blue Park

Where: Morigerati (SA) 
Who: Paese Ambiente

 Women organize and welcome in the diffuse hotel with old traditions and new WWF nature treks


 Every Tuesday night, a group of ladies meets for dinner at the restaurant to make plans. They are not just friends: they are neighbors because they live in a village where everyone knows each other, but they are also business partners because they share their homes with tourists.
Because Morigerati and Sicilì - two medieval villages clinging to the mountains within the National Park of Cilento, thirty minutes from the sea of the Gulf of Policastro, the fantastic caves formed by the river Bussento-, are an Environment Country, or "make available the houses of the medieval old town, renovated and new farmhouses in the countryside, in the farmhouse, guest houses, bed & breakfast, a hotel, five restaurants. To make guests live the informal atmosphere of a small village rich in history, traditions, good food".

The work of study and organization began many years ago and since the Environment Country of Morigerati has opened the doors officially have multiplied the initiatives.

Today we make weeks of herbs, trekking, dances, get festival, oil festival, recovery of farm work. You can choose from twenty-five accommodations, including rooms, apartments, rooms with half board, where you can spend a night or choose a week stay. With services such as the free shuttle to the coast in summer, excursions, initiatives related to the territory, and the rediscovery of Cilento culture.

Do not miss, for example, the thematic weekends, linked to the culture of the territory: to learn about natural mural paintings and wood, create a herbarium of the Cilento, deepen the legacy of Basilian monks, make oil in the municipal olive grove. And for the boys, the WWF camps.

Those who come here immerse themselves in silence and green as far as the eye can see. Walk to the karst cave of Bussento in a landscape of fresh spring waters, streams, waterfalls, caves, and canyons. Learn the secrets of geology, with the Association Geoturismo ( Visit the Baronial Palace where the same family has been living since 1440, or the Ethnographic Museum on Peasant Civilization. Discover the valley of the river Bussento, from Mount Cervati to the point where the flow flows directly into the sea.

You can go trekking on Mount Cervati or the trails around the village.

Dinner with real Mediterranean cuisine at zero km, in five restaurants under stone vaults and verandas in the mountains.


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