Taste Pioneers

Where: National Park Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni (SA)

Who: Cilentans Women

3star Over 14 pioneers of knowledge and tastes are starting a net: concerning local products and Mediterranean diet

It is probably the geographical location of this part of the South, which is particularly creative and hard-working, that makes all the women you meet here (and not just those who have suggested the itinerary which you can see in the INFO below), proud to tell you how they have re-discovered the fruits of the earth, the sea, animal breeding and traditions.

For sure in Cilento, charm, culture and environment blend together: to understand this, just come out through roses and geraniums on to the eco-labelled beaches, or follow the Park trails, between Norman lookout towers and perched villages.

First of all, women were pioneers of five out of eight local Slow Food Presidia, from Giovanna Voria's chickpeas to Maria Carmela Feo's ricotta cheese, to Gabriella Mazziotti's olives, to Donatella Marino's menaica anchovies, caught using huge ancient 'menaica' nets.

Then there are the craftswomen and artists to be found in Martina Marino's perfume laboratories, or in the textile studios, using natural dyes, of Margherita Pica and Adele Trotta, at I Colori del Mediterraneo [the colors of the Mediterranean].

All have remained attached to their land: growers like Claudia Mitideri and Rosa Barbato; guides like Vienna Cammarata, a shepherdess, and great cooks.

So we only have to go where Serena, Carmela, Giovanna, Gabriella and Adele manage restaurants, agri-tourism, b&b, to be sure to enjoy bread with figs, olives, anchovies, pasta, legumes, greens, that is the real "Mediterranean diet", which was studied for the first time right here.

Assunta Niglio
Parco Cilento Valle di Diano
0974 7199202

Vienna Cammarata
Guida ambientale

Carmela Bruno
La Piazzetta
Valle dell'Angelo
0974 942008

Maria Carmela Di Feo,
Acquavella, Casalvelino,
0974 906116

Claudia Mitidieri
Terre di Resilienza

Rosa Barbato
La Luna Calante
Casalbuono, Casalvelino,
349 5246247

Giovanna Voria
Agriturismo Corbella
Località Viscigline
0974 834511

Martina e Emilia Marino
Sirenae Essenze
Capacci, Paestum

I Colori del Mediterraneo
Capizzo di Magliano Vetere
cell. 327 0260195
Margherita Pica
Cell. 338.6563344
Adele Trotta
Associazione culturale La Tela
347 7678061

Donatella Marino
Alici di menaica
Marina di Pisciotta
0974 1870157

Serena Lucibello
Castello del Principe
Castello della mediterranità

Gabriella Mazziotti
Al Sentiero
0974 901617

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