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Where: Cile

Who: southern cone journeys


 More than 23 trips where women play a prominent role

Silvia Vogel applies sustainability principles in the Alpaca breeding ranch, in tours in the central valleys of Chile, and in the Agricultural Museum with artifacts and tools she has collected over the years. You will meet her in the Alpacas and Wine in the Andes tour.

Monica Gastò runs a small accomodation near Vina del Mar and organises birdwatching in the wonderful Mantagua Wetland tours.

Olga Norambuena and her pastries are giving a Taste of the Countryside, in her small-scale typical pastry factory in the Curacaví Valley, between Santiago and Viña del Mar.

In the Elqui Valley, in northern Chile, tourists have lunch at a family-owned restaurant where women cook with solar ovens. In Valdivia, in southern Chile, the tour includes a cooking workshop with a Mapuche indigenous woman who owns a health center in the countryside.

These are some of more than 23 tours that Marcela, Paula and Hernàn Torres collected in ten years experience. And they do more, first of all with a blog that is a real mine of ideas for whoever wants to know more about responsible tourism, than with best practices that is worth reading at in the Projects making pages.



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