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How important are women in the best tourism projects?
We put this question to...

How did the Indian State win five Awards with a huge Responsible Tourism project? We went to visit with experts from the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board and the International Center for Responsible Tourism, and we found out that the leaders are women and men from the local communities.

After the Panel about Human Rights at the ITB Berlin. I have combine the themes of women, rights, tourism, and then I built a patchwork of situations in a Report in a nutshell.

Village Ways Partnership is a shared values enterprise experienced in rural development, community and responsible tourism, agricultural economy and environmental awareness

The Nam Et-Phou Louey Protected Area is a model of PA management, conservation, land-use, monitoring, ecotourism. With the Safari project, visitors support alternative income for local people while they go wildlife spotting by boat with local guides.

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