International Women in Travel & Tourism Forum 2021

Organized by Alessandra Alonso and her team of experts, of which GRT is supporter.
Among the participants more than 30 representatives of important organizations such as OECD, Equality in Tourism, Intrepid and TUI.
Panels, workshops and round tables on current topics: diversity, equity, inclusion-DEI; empowerment, leadership, innovation, technology, women and tourism.

The results were more than positive and will bring benefits to operators in tourism. It emerged that:
- The support of the male component is essential for the emancipation of women
- The implementation of DEI policies allow a cultural change
- Authentic storytelling is all that matters. 

The reflections of the curators of the event concern:
- Amplify the voice and stories of women in tourism around the world, so that they become an added value for local communities and not only for tourists, with the necessary contribution of women leaders to fully understand a destination and to involve all stakeholders
- Encouraging women’s careers in tech by challenging gender bias and stereotypes, especially because tourism is closely connected with the world of technology
- The awareness that diversity and inclusion are really important. A team made up of individuals of different gender, age and origins has greater opportunities for success, as it is more productive and innovative.

The world of travel and tourism must become representative of each individual.

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