Gender debate can be carried out also through tourism. Expert's studies, achievements, challenges, research results, are food for thought. Let's talk about it to strenghten women and human society.

In the article "Lavoro Femminile, le 10 cose da fare perchè possa aumentare" , by Maria Silvia Sacchi on Corriere della Sera, several women economists, Ceo and equal opportunities experts discuss and launch proposals to ameliorate women's work conditions, and to develop a better society. 
We can summarise with: lower taxation, fiscal incentives, gender quotas, flexible services and work's organisation, overthrow stereotypes, are not enough unless changing the culture. But none of it is the italian politicians agenda..

Responsible Tour Operators know that tourism can change the life of a community, for the better or the worse. It is a global phenomenon, but to see it happening in some women life details is interesting and useful for future experiences. 
Here we publish some accounts of Sara, from the many of the tour operator Planet Viaggi. She tells how a guide found a job but lost friends in Swaziland, how the receptionist of the Uzbekistan office found the hearth to ask a divorce, how Morocco women consider a goal  to work in argan coop.

Low-paid and low-skill jobs, training demand, gaining of autonomy, growing of small businesses, education, high skills in family-shaped welcoming models...these are some of the key factors about women employed in tourism. The basics to discuss about it, are summarised in the essay from the books published by Valeria Maione, Equal Opportunities Councellor and Economy Professor . The study is in Italian and it concerns Italy, but the fondamental deductions are universal.

euThe second pilot phase of the European Tourism Indicators System (ETIS): for Sustainable Management at Destination Level, has started. The European COmmision has developed a Toolkit, that all destinations can use to monitor, manage , measure and enhance their sustainability performances, without the need of any specific training.
With this second phase, about 200 destinations will test the Toolkit.
The European Indicator System aims to contribute to improving the sustainable
management of destinations by providing tourism stakeholders with an easy and useful toolkit.

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