The Etis Project

euThe second pilot phase of the European Tourism Indicators System (ETIS): for Sustainable Management at Destination Level, has started. The European COmmision has developed a Toolkit, that all destinations can use to monitor, manage , measure and enhance their sustainability performances, without the need of any specific training.
With this second phase, about 200 destinations will test the Toolkit.
The European Indicator System aims to contribute to improving the sustainable
management of destinations by providing tourism stakeholders with an easy and useful toolkit.

It will help stakeholders to measure and monitor their sustainability management processes, and
enable them to share and benchmark their progress and performance in the future. Manage, raise awareness, create a profile, collect data, analyse the results, are some of the steps.
In the Indicators (27 Core and 40 Optional) , women are taken into consideration at Section C, cultural and social impact Indicators.
C.2. Gender Equality
Percentage of men and women employed in the tourism sector.
Percentage of tourism enterprises where the general manager position is held by a woman. Average wage in tourism for women compared to average wage for men (sorted by tourism job type). The tourism sector has a reputation for being providing employment opportunities for both men and
women. It is important that tourism employment statistics are analysed by gender so that this situation is publicly available. It is also important to review levels of employment by gender to ensure both men and women are moving up the career ladder.
To ensure both men and women are equitably represented and paid at varying levels tourism
employment, including management positions.


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