Caribbean's rural experience in a cocoa nut

Dove: St. Patrick, Grenada

 2stars A community of more than 80 people -majority women employed- keeps a chic-agri-tourism

If it is named "the Caribbean's Finest Agri-tourism Experience", there must be a reason. 

In fact, it is not usual to have all in once: cuisine, history, traditions, to see (and taste and hear) first-hand.

Belmont Estate is the five centuries old estate, that Shadel Nyacks proudly restored, after her ancestors - the first Grenadians of Indian decent to own an estate on the island-, in spite of plantations partition and hurricanes.

And of course the fatal choice was a fusion of agriculture, tourism, food and historic and cultural traditions, crowned with outstanding warmth and friendliness, exceptional service to all customers, outstanding ethical conduct and resolute corporate responsibility to the communities, people and physical environment .

The result is the most alive plantation of the Caribbeans: 400 acres of lush rolling hills in the north of the island, where you can experience delicious food, plantation tours, heritage museum, tropical gardens, plant nursery, goats and animals, forest and river, all to be shared with local experienced guides, cooks, sommelliers.

Not to miss a stop at the chocolate and the crafts shops.

As organic cocoa is the core of this nature paradise, the funniest way to fill up the day is to participate to classes and work: harvesting, crocking, collecting, picking at fresh beans, of course with a final hot tea chocolate tasting session.
The classiest night is at the restaurant with local music.

The most useful idea (when back home), is to purchase the old grenadinians recipies book, where culture and tradition's experts suggest how to mix fresh ingredients with exotic island spices.

The most interesting part of the visit, is to meet the local families who work here: they are following the social education and the economic programs of the Charity, organizing the first fair trade line of spices going to markets, working in the vanilla gardens, in the medical and culinary trees and flowers greenhouse, in the sugar mill, at the Artists and Artisans Coop.

The staff issue is an all women business: they are waitresses, managers of tourism, products, tours, head of administrative department.

But anyway, no worries, if you just want to lie under a palm tree, surrounded by monkeys and parrots, with a drink, in front of the sea, there are several hundreds of species and lonely corners, to choose among.



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