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Village Ways Partnership is a shared values enterprise experienced in rural development, community and responsible tourism, agricultural economy and environmental awareness,
Manisha Pande is our first GRT Member from Asia.
She is the enthusiast founder and leader, from the Mumbai team to all of the Village Ways 22 villages in India and Nepal.
She is the one who described us how they establish, develop and manage their special kind of tourism, in the hands of communities.
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Donata has been the first to apply as GRT Member, and she well deserves a "gender tourism delegate status". Next to an old farmhouse, she have created "Valcrosa": four villas amongst olive groves, with barbeque facilities, a wood oven, reading room with wifi, swimming pool, whirlpool tub, sauna, toys for children, wine tasting courses, and a path from where the guests can go trekking, cycling and making the most of the outdoors.
With five neighbours she founded Mete di Liguria, in the western part of Liguria.

You will find her here:
The beauty and wonder of destinations of Liguria

Agriturismo Valcrosa

Walden-foto-gruppoWalden Viaggi a Piedi  is a coop specialised in walking circuits in Europe and more.
Four out of seven guides are young women, qualified as environmental guides.
A real network of skills, experties, knowledge.
With them, hikers visit uncommon places, kindoms of nature, history, culture.
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