Let's make tourism created by women count more


We are launching the solution against the tourism crisis

  • The new dream will be: fresh air, family style, spaces, empathy.
  • When we will travel again GRT will have the right message: we will be noticed as the most original initiative as a Community of responsible women entrepreneurs and travellers
  • Our spotlight will be pointed on: environment, local culture, small realities, local culture, small businesses, large spaces, agri-food, experiences in nature, experiences near the departure cities,


    1. The best entrepreneurs of GRT in the world are creating "Special Offers" for Free Travelers in a large community of values.

    2. Each "Special Offer" will be published with the most attractive features and contacts in a special page, on the highlighted map, on the social networks.

    3. The Free Travelers, by completing their form, will automatically receive the sticker to be attached for reservations

    4. When tourism will be open again, we will activate the Special Offers pages.
    So the Independent women Travelers will scroll through the destinations, choose, contact the GRT Members directly.

  Are  you occupied in tourism?


Are you a woman entrepreneur, a network of women, a guide, chef, tour operator, do you offer hospitality, eno-gastronomy, handcrafts, products, cooking classes, tours, itineraries with multiple destinations. Are you a private business, an NGO or an Association, interested in distinguishing yourself by offering equal opportunities and responsible tourism?
Are you looking for more advantages and perspectives for your business?

As a GRT Member you will be have the possibility to make yourself known among the first community of women and men travelers looking for destinations where female employment, sustainability, communities take center stage

You will get:
- Visibility in the first Map of women’s made destinations
- Promotion in the only female network of entrepreneurs and travelers
- Favoured admission to many services and events specially designed to attract more clients


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Do you like to travel?


Are you a curious discoverer, an explorer of heritage, stories, people. Are you a woman traveling alone, or with friends or family.
Do you want to find out the best world wide destinations created by women?

Join the Independent Women Travelers, the first community of women (and men) travelers, involved in gender fair, and ethical, social, environmental, sustainable tourism projects.

You will get:
- A discount on the Independent Women Travelers Guide (in Italian),
- The e-sticker giving you the access to the Special Offers reserved to the Independent women travelers, with discouts to the GRT Members destinations  


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