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Join GRT


Those who have discovered that tourism created by women is invaluable and priceless have many reasons to join us and take part in an ever-growing network that we are creating: the sharing of a vision, the study and exchange of knowledge, the search for promotions and genuine partnerships, the enrichment of one’s product image and the launch of products and projects. The sharing of the Objectives* and the Criteria** of gender and tourism.

It is crucial that this trend continues to grow and that we increase in numbers, because women and sustainability in tourism is growing in importance.


What does this mean:

Whoever shares in the objectives and ethics of GRT can be a member. Friends, supporters, travelers, whoever wants to support our work as a private member with a membership fee, and those who instead are already involved in schemes which feature women in gender responsible tourism.
The members are chosen by the GRT board, to the best of their judgement..
How to become a member
Click on the above highlighted title, fill in the Membership form and transfer the annual fee of 25Euros. You will receive a confirmation of membership and, if you have a project that involves women in gender responsible tourism, you can take part in the following Projects listed below.

GRT Network
Are you a tour operator, a traveler, a student? Do you want to get in contact with people involved in gender and tourism?
Participate in the Network and in the Forum on
Everyone can sign up free of charge to participate in the Forum which is moderated by the editorial staff. You can send in information, proposals, offers and requests, discussions and contacts from your own travels.

The contributions that we receive from Members and supporters, are utilized by the GRT Association with the scope of “implementing and supporting measures that increase the visibility and the promotion of a network of individuals, entrepreneurs and operators who showcase the excellence of women in tourism, who promote the products of local communities and who have the intention of increasing the growth of female employment.”

Are you a network of women, private businesses, itineraries with multiple destinations, associations, agencies, tour operators and institutions interested in distinguishing yourselves by offering equal opportunities and responsible tourism?
GRT offers you the possibility to make yourselves known.
The characteristics that we are looking for:

Itineraries with single or multiple destinations, with the best initiatives inspired by women, which create an entity of handcrafts, hospitality, eno-gastronomy and products which will eventually create a virtual network, a reality that enhances the local culture, the territory and the development. That men and women who are involved adhere to ethical, social and economic standards, with attention to gender and to responsible tourism. These characteristics correspond to the “Six Pillars” Criteria, chosen by the international experts of GRT (for example, the number of women in leadership roles or the recovery of old traditions).

These members can chose how they would like to be promoted, disseminated and trained, at different levels according to their interests, supporting diverse projects for them.
GRT Circuit Member
The first advantage for members involved in tourism is to enter as a GRT Circuit Member. GRT works for GRT Members: members themselves become the essence of what it is that GRT is aiming to spread. They are the protagonists and sponsors, from the moment they appear on the website and they support the site with their chosen services.
GRT Members are single destinations, itineraries with multiple destinations, eno-gastronomy and artisan handcrafts, tour operators, companies and institutions, associations and NGOs, who receive the GRT Member logo, services such as guidelines on how to be gender friendly, how to organize itineraries and special promotions. They are listed on a dedicated page and can also partake in training days.
They are published in spaces on the website via: highlighted articles, Interactive Map, Map of Itineraries, forms, bilingual texts, News, Stories, photos and videos.
Special Members Web Partners
Banners, e-books, Dossiers, promotions and participations in specially designed initiatives.
Mapping of GRT Member
An instrument which allows the tourist, with a simple click, to virtually be transported to destinations where female employment takes center stage and is the foundation of an original communication campaign.
GRT Member Market
Dedicated space for recipes, artisan products, calendars of exhibitions, of events, of festivals, for exchange and twinning of territories and of “female sponsors” and “women in this field”. All this with the aim of reaching more and more tourists, enabling them to discover where to go to enjoy eno-gastronomical delights, handicrafts, art and culture, all created by women.

How to become a GRT Member
For those who work in tourism and want more exposure, simply fill in the Membership Form. Together with the confirmation as a Member, you will receive a form which allows you to choose the Projects which you would like to be involved in. Then provide GRT the relevant information for the publications and for training, in order to disseminate the candidates according to their chosen scheme.

The editorial staff and the Association form a streamlined structure that works to impart information on different projects worldwide of women in tourism. By statute, the Association is a means of communication and is a private non-profit entity with the sole purpose of improving qualitatively and quantitatively fair female employment in responsible tourism. The Association conducts activities of informing, raising awareness and dissemination as determined by its objectives, through of which it is the editor; through activities which arise from the diffusion of the website, through network links which result from the activities of fellow individuals who uphold the principles of gender responsible tourism on the internet, on social networks and other means, through the list of GRT subscribed members ( GRT Network ), through the participation of numerous projects of organizations, associations and institutions which support gender equality and responsible tourism, through associated activities, not only via internet, which can gradually increase the number of institutional projects. For this purpose, the Association can also implement and support activities to increase the visibility and to promote the networks of individuals, entrepreneurs and operators with the aim of emphasizing the importance of women in tourism, of the promotion of locally produced products from the communities and of the increase in female employment.


These are key issues stemming from studies and experiences, listed in detail in 30 points formulated by the international experts of the GRT. As per the intentions of the GRT experts and their partners who specialize in gender responsible tourism, the ‘6 Pillars’ are made up of the Indicators, which in future will distinguish and offer guidance for responsible operators, to increase and improve female employment. For example:

  • Analyze the different difficulties and opportunities of women based on the realities of their social culture.
  • Understand rights such as equal pay, maternity, access to credit, secure work conditions, access to vocational training.
  • Eliminate the exploitation of the female image.
  • Include specific training in tourism projects with an attention to involvement in decision-making, projects, participation, consultation, implementation and monitoring.

Read the Six Pillars here in detail or below as summarized

  1. Promoting the quality as well as quantity of women’s engagement in the tourism sector.
    In order to achieve the above, initiatives taken to engage women in tourism should take into account the socio-cultural gender-biases existing in tourism planning and development…
  2. Promoting equal access to opportunities in tourism for women.
    In order to enhance women’s access to such opportunities, actions are needed to increase women’s access to: specialized vocational training.
  3. Promoting a fair and equitable sharing of benefits from tourism.
    Too often women are denied an equitable share in the benefits of tourism. For example, they are frequently paid less than their male counterparts for the same work…
  4. Upholding the rights of women employed in tourism
    Tourism companies must uphold and defend the rights of women workers by:
    • Building women’s awareness of their legal rights….
  5. Opposing commoditisation and other forms of gender-based exploitation in the tourism sector.
    A policy of zero tolerance with respect to any form of exploitation…
  6. Promoting Women’s Voices and Leadership
    • Promote women’s involvement in decision-making at all levels of tourism processes from initial planning, project development, implementation and monitoring, at the community level.

For more information on how you can support us, on how to be a member, how to be a GRT Circuit Member and disseminate your initiative, to receive a Business Plan and to become our partner in special schemes, feel free to write to us at or


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