Close the circle, from tourist's safari to Pro Rural Women Tourism

Where: Kenya

Who: Masimba Safaris


 Actions in the field to create work for women

Besides 48 Tours ideas -from family to luxury, from lakes to  mountain, from bush to beach, in and out of the Country-, maybe because it is a 90% ladies employees tour operator, or maybe because it also makes Safaris tailored for women, this is an example of travelling in beautiful places with women in mind. Whatever your choice is, to travel with them follow Grace Matagaro projects: for sure they are community oriented tourism and enterprise support.

For example, they try to improve the image and presentation of women in tourism sector, train women tour guides, improve poor families food security, support women who open their artcrafts or vegetable supplying business .

The great, unique, innovative project Pro Rural Women, is also in cooperation with the important KAWT, the Kenya Association of Women in Tourism.

As Grace Matagaro told us:

<< Women in tourism here in Kenya hold low paid jobs like housekeeping etc but I would like women to take up jobs like tour guiding which is mainly men. I have in the past supported about 10 women, two opened up their businesses and are very successful, one is Dorothy who supplies vegetables and fruits to major hotels and lodges in Kenya. The other is Bettina who has also started a business. I would like to get support for the women to undertaken defensive driving skills and off road experience. No tour operator is willing to give them a chance as risks are high. Personally I have taken myself through training and I am 1 out of 3 female tour guides(long distance drivers) in Kenya.  The only way to achieve this is to get women to take safaris from Masimba Hills Safaris and then from my profits I can be able to undertake projects.  Women are majority travelers so if women can support women, we can achieve a lot. I have a strong need to support women to achieve their goals, especially women somehow affiliated or interested in tourism.  I am not encouraging women to expect handouts, but they need to first be on the move. However credit / financing facility is not available to many women, but as soon as they form a group, banks do consider depending on the returns expected or risks >>.

<< The Pro Rural Women Project in not a women tour. The women tours ideally is for women tourists to support female owned tour operator who ensure that the dollar trickles down to the women in the village. We have great dreams and hope for women wanting to join the industry and it can only be achieved by getting support from Female traveller! Our tours encourage those taking safaris by Masimba Safaris to support women by specifically buying curios and other handicrafts made and or sold by women, Support community groups supplying food stuffs to lodges and hotels, encourage female travelers to select lodges run and owned by women, supporting female tour guides by insisting on female safari guides >>.


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