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Offer for Independent Travelers: 3% discount on their best rate and three nights at the price of two for the whole month of June

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Offer for Independent Travelers: 3% discount on their best rate and three nights at the price of two for the whole month of June

Where: Bonassola

Who: Resort La Francesca

AAGRTMemberper testo piccolo  An ante literam responsible tourism project that supports rural women around the world

Perched between rocks and woods of maritime pines, heather, juniper, myrtle, mastic, a place called La Francesca, between Bonassola and Levanto, has remained intact since the 16th century.

It is a park immersed in the sounds of the wind, waves, birds, which descends from the hill to the sea, saved from the building destruction thanks to the foresight of Gloria Bortolotti de Poli, dreamer, journalist, writer, who intends to create a non-touristy space, invasive, environmentally friendly. To achieve it, amid general scepticism, from the 1950s she worked to clean and equip until she passed the baton for another twenty years to Giovanna Cossia and her husband, globetrotter, documentary makers, nature lovers. And all together, with a small group of waitresses, cooks, caretakers, they have made it a "different place", sustainable and perfectly in tune with the principles of GRT.

La Francesca is inserted in the widest arc of the Ligurian coast of Levante, harsh and steep, made green and fertile by the millenary work of man; saved by a miracle, inhabited by those who spend days or months here working, resting, swimming in the sea or in the large pool, playing tennis, walking, cycling on the cycle-pedestrian path along the coast, attending conferences, meetings, meditation courses and festivals for the '8th of March.

The 50 houses (villas and apartments) have a sea view and are facing south, scattered in a park of 15 hectares (an average of 800 square meters per person). The microclimate, dry and sunny for most of the year, is cool and breezy in summer. A small oasis away from noise, concrete and pollution, ideal in any season for those who want to spend their time pleasantly without haste, in close contact with nature.

In the hottest hours, you can walk among intense aromas diffused by the 'perfumed' transpiration of essential oils that allow aromatic plants to breathe. In summer you can admire the flowering of the santolina ligustica, one of the approximately 30,000 specimens of this native plant that grows only on green volcanic rocks in the stretch of coast between Punta Mesco and Deiva Marina.





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