Herbs spirit wellness

Where: Ceranesi (Genova)

Who: Il Giardino dei Germani Reali


 Care and didactic activities made up for women and children needs

The first advice of Fausta Barone- former recycled teacher in gardener- is to follow your temperament. She tells us: <<"Garden therapy" is a way to see each other among women, to talk, to find herbs to cure, to make herbal teas, to cook. We approach nature, we collect and we know the herbs, unusual aromatic plants in danger of extinction, flowers from which in ancient times she made the eau de cologne We form groups of self-listening, courses in which women arrive by word of mouth between friends, who discover new friendships and seek well-being. >>

INFO: Activities: Production and sale of ancient fruits and vegetables, aromatic and medicinal plants, cultivated according to permaculture. Observation of the different environments of the Aula di ecology outdoors: the garden of perfumes, the pond, the vegetable garden, the bleak of forgotten fruits, the composting. Specific activities: recognition of the main spontaneous plants that make up the ancient preboggiun. The recipes of Libereso Guglielmi, master of botany gardener. The dying plants. Texts in the library.

Address: Il Giardino dei Germani Reali. Di Fausta Barone. Via alle Tine 14 - San Martino di Paravanico Ceranesi (Ge). Tel. 010 791320 Cell. 3337679183

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