Mummy's Caravane

Where: Cairo and South Egypt

Who: Vacanze Egiziane


  Several groups of women for a cultural exchange

Put in your suitcase all you wish to bring to a friend, and enrole in a unique experience. Because you will come back with a lot more. This is a trip to Egypt, starting with pyramids and museums, adding to a village where several local associations work. The tour operator Vacanze Egiziane- Vetravelservice, is organising a specal trips, on mother's side. A group of women, mothers, midwives and doctors, (20 in all, from Rome and Milan), twice a year, will go the the village of Abadeya, bringing useful objects for kids and medical tools.

They will meet up with local mothers and spend 5 days exchanging ideas and experiences. The project is made to spread among women a multicultural approach, with the aim of developing and ameliorating relations among Countries.

This trip preparation starts well in advance, with collecting materials and studying the cultures, both in Italy and in Egypt.

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