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Where: San Ginesio (Macerata)

Who: Fattorie del Panda


 At la Quercia della Memoria Federica de Luca is an expert of kids farm holidays

In this article, the owner and manager of the WWF Farm stay explains how she made it. To her, a woman's most important quality is she teaches kids, she writes manuals, she cooks and she grows herbs.

According to Federica Di Luca, the feminine peculiarity is elasticity. And surely she must have a lot of it if in her company she takes care of land, hospitality, projects.

"How did you set your work?"
I started from the family lands, which belonged to my grandfather and was abandoned, we thought about organic farming and was born the recovery of possessions from an entrepreneurial perspective. I thought it all with my husband and my mom, but I sought feminine skills in creating new businesses."

"You are one of the experts who drew up the Panda Farm Handbook: what criteria did you use?"
"In the Manual, I listed the possibilities that we and others have tried: on the one hand space to the land, on the other hospitality, which can be educational, social and protected. My activities, like those of those who have a company, must range from the methodological approach to production guidelines to the identification of the areas"

"What did you put in your most?"
"Many elements of the company’s identity are born from the carefree, such as didactics. Even the design approach to Agriasilo comes from this sensitivity. Then I take care of the kitchen and the management of the rotation of agricultural production."

"What’s the big news?"
"The protected hospitality, which for the first time is realized in the Marches as Agriasilo. It is a permanent educational service, which is already carried out in Piedmont and Trentino. It’s a project that’s shared with the employees and the territory."

"For the future?"
"The design of an eco-museum, with experiences and knowledge."

"How to learn?"
"There are no trainers capable of responding to the multi-functions required, hospitality, catering, teaching. You have to ask local associations depending on the topic (agriculture, organic, teaching, etc.). In any case and in every Region it is necessary to understand who at that time gives more help, both as a background of institutional debate and as experimentation."

In the Panda Farm Handbook, there are examples and a document from the rural network site with a census of experiences. You can consult the National Network of Social Farms or the Coldiretti Handbook on Agriasili Opening Implementation.


La Quercia della Memoria

San Ginesio (Macerata)

tel. 0733 694431


Panda’s workshop, environmental education, art workshops, carpentry, organic products and fair trade. Classroom ecology outdoors. Arboretum, organic vegetable garden, medicinal plants, donkey, forgotten fruits, the path of songs. Ecomuseum of Sibilla: comfortable rooms for the living room, different characteristics to the memory of knowledge, loom, mill, oven, movement. Organic products, spelt pasta, juices, restaurant with seasonal cuisine to local products.

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