Souhad the beekeeper

Where: Kissane, Marocco

WhoSouhad Azennoud


 Honey, handcrafts, oil, land culture by local women

One and a half hour from Fès in a farm stay created to go back to country life and culture. You are welcomed in six rooms, a large maroccan dinner table, the swimming pool. But moreover you can take classes of Pottery, oil and honey making, meet the local people and trek in the region. As in the french text in the website.

Here the French interview and brochre: The farm belongs to the couple Maria El Housseini who is from Fez and Mohamed Tayeb Azennoud, who was born and raised in Kiyadate Tafrante (Taounate Province). Tayeb introduced tourism in the rural town of Kissane by transforming the family home into a guesthouse. Tayeb is a founding member of the Al Yanboua Development and Sports Association (mainly martial arts) based in Tafrante.

Their daughter Souhad, after a 12-year multi-national tour in the food industry, returned to farming and decided to start as a beekeeper in the region of her ancestors and developed the Maria SKALLI honey sold on the farm. Other local products have been promoted, including olive oil through the Ariaf Kissane agricultural cooperative. Souhad popularizes the Agro Ecologie in his entourage and some neighbouring douars have adopted composting among others.

The objective of the family is to maintain good agricultural practices without chemicals and to develop solidarity tourism in the region while respecting the habits and customs. Lodging in a farm of fig trees, olive trees, orange trees, bigaradiers, carob trees, ..., driving Agro Ecologic.

Upon your arrival you are received by Maria, Tayeb and/or Souhad. A mint tea is automatically offered to you. The cottage can accommodate up to 16 people: there are 6 bedrooms: 3 bedrooms with 1 double bed and 1 extra bed on request. 3 bedrooms with 2 to 3 single beds. Café – restaurant on the terrace with an exceptional view of the Moroccan-style dining room Children’s square in progress Summer swimming pool Barn with cattle, sheep…. Rucher Vegetable Garden

Hiking (possibility to organize circuits with overnight stays at the inhabitants in the neighbouring douars or in a lodging managed by a young person from a neighbouring douar) Beekeeping (initiation - theoretical and practical course) Excursions in vehicle (tourist sites, waterfalls and springs, weekly souks, associations, agricultural or craft cooperatives, nearby towns within 60 km: Taounate, Rhafsai, Ourzagh, Moulay Bouchta) Olive growing (from 10 November to 10 January) Traditional distillation in spring (water of orange blossom,....) Pottery Possibility to learn to cook Moroccan dishes Works of the farm (vegetable garden, livestock,...) Fishing in the dam (black,...) Access to the pool in summer Local products marketed in the farm

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