Fishing for the future

Where: Nouadhibou e Nouakchott ; Mauritania

Who: 4cities4dev

Actions in the field to create work for women

Slow Food is trying out a model for development that takes food as a starting point and a driving force for change. This integrated approach puts food at the center and unites aspects that are usually separated: biodiversity protection and environmental sustainability, attention to local communities and their traditions and culture, and economic freedom for producers. The idea that a community can be protected byprotecting a product, plant variety or animal breed typical to that community has particularly strong significance in Africa, the continent that has become a symbol of hunger in the world. This is the example of Mauritanie, and we have investigated to see how the community is evolving and if tourism can be one of the supporting opportunities. Today tourists find welcome in tents nearby and guides in the villages. The organisation is based on demand once on site.
oday, 280 women, almost all of them Imraguen, are organised within the Ngo Mauritanie 2000. As the proud Nedwa Moctar Nech told us at the Slow Food Event Terra MAdre in Turin:

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