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An exclusive afternoon with the women of the village

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A tea in the village, a visit to the community, exclusively and with an afternoon at your disposal

Where: Nepal

Who: 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking

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In Nepal a trip to the ‘3 Sisters Adventures’ is more and more interesting, so if you are in those parts, choose a female guide and do not miss a visit to their activities. The story of Luchky, Dicky and Nicky Chhetri begins with the movements to strengthen women's rights in the 90s, passes through a degree in Guides (the first women) and reaches today, with special offers for Independent Travellers. In fact, Lucky, which manages relations with the communities of dozens of villages, has prepared a special afternoon for the Italian guests, so you will be the only ones walking with the guide, meeting women, chatting and having tea, waiting to leave. to explore the top of the world.

One of the most famous treks? The one in Khopra, in the Annapurna region. We start from Nangi (in the photos) and discover the little-traveled rural paths, meeting bears, snow leopards, unknown birds. It’s difficult to choose, among 44 treks in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, India, perhaps adding a visit to the Empowering Women Center in Nepal (EWN) for some volunteer work, or to the guide training center. As Lucky Cheetry, also president of TEWAN Tourism Entrepreneur Women Association Nepal (TEWAN), told us, during the lockdown, they did not lose courage, but rather contacted new communities and studied new paths for the coming seasons, using savings . << Women have always had to make with little money and now we are ready to face the emergency situation: we use the ‘Fund for crisis management’ that we have saved over the years, because we have already passed many moments of ups and downs in the tourism, with war and earthquake>>.

So the founders of the very important EWN, which for years has been organising hospitality in women's homes, rescuing girls who are victims of exploitation and teaching how to work in tourism, have continued their work of relating to the world. Between one post and another from the deserted camp at the base of Everest, they visited other countries where many poor emigrants returned in need of work, and tried to expand their network, educating new women both as guides and as a host, and convincing the government to use taxes to create new crisis funds for the future. During the crisis, they organised a ‘positive motivating program’, and Lucky concludes by invoking serenity, to learn how to wait for a better tomorrow (3sistersadventuretrek.com/).

We knew they had inner strength when we met them, in a crowded room during the 2015 Word Tourism Market Responsible Tourism Day, where Dicky Cheetri looked small and shy, but immensely strong. Perhaps for her work or perhaps for her ideas. <<On the beginning we were looked as weird, but now everybody want to come with us! EWN trains women as guides or employees, to handicrafts or practical skills, because the majority of women are living in the rural areas of Nepal and do not have access to any facilities. We hope to encourage the development of self-supportive, independent, decision-making women. The women receive wages from the agency, equivalent to their male counterparts, while gaining the essential work experience required to improve their skills and knowledge. The economic benefits the women gain from guide training not only enrich their own lives, but also improve the lives of their families>>.
So, whether you are a woman alone or a mixed group, hire a trainee, and go see steep-sided valleys and glacial lakes, visit the heart of Tibet in Lhasa, stop in peaceful villages, camp far from the beaten track. You will be empowering Nepal’s women and making the greatest gift to yourself.




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