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Where: India, Nepal

Who: Ram

Women work and sell crafts, visitors leave a solidarity sum

RAM Viaggi is a small Tour Operator which deals exclusively with "fair" and "responsible" tourism – holidays which always have a link with local people.

It specializes in Asian destinations (Indian region, Tibetan areas, south east Asia, Middle East), and in Italian ones. It has been among the first to promote this kind of "encounter" trips in Europe; it is also a founding member of the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism (AITR). Its travels are built, mostly but not only in south est Asia, mixing up culture, nature, and happy moments of meeting people.

The most representative examples of tourism at women homes, are in Nepal, visiting Katmandu artcraft makers and at the Ema cooperative in India.
In both places tourists visit and share the life of the cooperatives and buy their products.



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