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Anyone can support GRT as an ordinary member, helping us to spread equal gender labour oppportunities in tourism.
But only the best practices can become GRT Members and a desirable destination for the Community of responsible travellers.
Grt Members are people or organizations, women entrepreneurs, a network of women, private businesses, itineraries with multiple destinations, associations, agencies, tour operators and institutions interested in distinguishing themselves by offering equal opportunities and responsible tourism.
They offer the best initiatives inspired by women, which create an entity of handcrafts, hospitality, eno-gastronomy and products which will eventually create a virtual network, a reality that enhances the local culture, the territory and the development.
Men and women who are involved adhere to ethical, social and economic standards, with attention to gender and to responsible tourism. These characteristics correspond to the “Six Pillars” Criteria, chosen by the international experts of GRT (for example, the number of women in leadership roles or the recovery of old traditions).

The advantages for you and your business
Throughout GRT you will have a priviledged connection with a Community made by women and men travellers looking precisely for the services you are offering

 To be published in with interview, bilingual article, pictures, Map,
 The Mapping of GRT Members: an instrument which allows the tourist, with a simple click, to virtually be transported to destinations where female employment takes center stage and is the foundation of an original communication campaign.
 You events, new projects and products will be published in the video or News section
 Your logo will be on the exclusive Map and you will use the GRT Members’logo,
 We will study with you, in a developing phase, how to create the best offer for international tourists, how to promote your product’s unique values and beauty
 To be involved by the network’s partnerships, guidelines, mentorship, events, fairs, banners, e-books, promotions and participations in specially designed international initiatives and in social media campaigns.
 More services to choose custom made, such as: guidelines on how to be gender friendly, how to organize itineraries and special promotions,
 Partake in training days, green marketing or innovative projects such as an App or an exclusive Label in order to promote your products and best offers.
 The chance of many more opportunities that we will choose together during our collaboration, according to your needs. For example courses and couching with the best international experts our partners, meetings among “women on the field” and “women free travellers and testimonials” ,

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