Convention on tourism ethics is major step towards tackling child exploitation, say UN human rights experts

If you are a "Free Woman Traveller", or just a gourmet, here it is the first example of travels following the GRT newtork members initiatives.

GRT was invited to the 11th edition of Itaca migrants and travelers - Festival of Responsible Tourism to bring its experience to the event: The journey as a possibility for the development of local communities.

We recently took part in a “Gender Equality in Tourism” Panel at the Berlin Travel Show on March 8th , where we were introduced to a panel of interesting speakers with important ideas to be shared.

Who have been the most surprised on the 20 of march, at the Responsible Tourism Awards in Rabat? Zineb and Jean PIerre Datcharry, who, with the Swiss NGO won the Prix Public for the project "Tourism Therapeutique" .

Ziguela is the name of a small color full Mediterranean fish ...

Heading for Morocco, from the month of October, in two trips with Viaggi Solidali.

The local NGO Migration et Développement's cultural mediator will help to better understand the realities on the field. To share the work of agricultural and artcrafts coops, particularly the one of argan oil women producers.

To take part of the active associative life of women, in the south of the Country, among the strongest and most emancipated. To go berbers product's shopping, straight from the producers, such as the wonderful Tinfat carpets, the saffron at Ifri, the argan oil at Agni's Fed.

summerofrightsGrt and ten organisations have come together to promote the Women Empowerment Principles.


Equations struggle against violence against women in tourism, continues with the response to the statement made by Mr. Jaitely on Delhi gang rape as a small incident causing loss to tourism and concerns over women issues in tourism. A few months back, we have launched a signature campaign demanding systemic engagement on women issues in tourism and shared our concern with the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Women and Child Development, National Mission for Women Empowerment and National Commission for Women. The same can be viewed at
The statement made by Mr. Jaitely reiterates the need to highlight such issues in the public domain. Find attached the statement we have sent to Mr. Jaitely, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Women and Child Development.
Make Tourism Work for Women: A way to engage with Women's Safety in Tourism


New ideas for girls travellers, low cost, pampered in the hearth of european cities. As announced by Hostelbookers.


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