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Who have been the most surprised on the 20 of march, at the Responsible Tourism Awards in Rabat? Zineb and Jean PIerre Datcharry, who, with the Swiss NGO won the Prix Public for the project "Tourism Therapeutique" .

Zineb is one of the women our protagonists, as you can read in the article Zineb Atlas  

Responsible tourism is important in Morocco. In 2016 in Rabat the Charte du Tourism Durable was signed, with the three issues of: protecting culture, heritage, biodiversity; Rispct for communities and local development; Social equity and responsability adoption. The same strategy was the pillar of COP 22 rules, in Rabat in 2016.

Now, on the Responsible tourism day, some new protagonists were awarded.
2017 winners are Royal Monsour and Villa Janna: the most elegant hotel and ecolodge, one in the center and the second one 8 km out of Marrakesh.

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