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We are pleased to announce that GRT has been invited by the International Trade Centre (ITC, joint agency of the UN and WTO), to develope the first Group about Responsible Tourism for their She Trades initiative.
Women tourism entrepreneurs are invited to join She Trades and to enter the GRT Group on She Trades

GRT Members will take advantage of more visibility in the next initiatives.
To all. it is another chance GRT is offering to see your business go and grow, generate opportunities and share good practices.
We encourage you to join the GRT Group on She Trades and to invite your contacts to join SheTrades, and benefit from this platform that connects women entrepreneurs to buyers and provides free access to a mobile app, e-courses, trade tools, webinars and much more!

Do you know She Trades?
It's is a wide-ranging initiative launched by the ITC, to empower women economically, through greater integration in global trade and investment, with a goal to connect one million women to markets by 2020.
Select the user type that best represents your institution, as seller or buyer, and start linking and trading.

What is a Group?
SheTrades groups offer a proven way to form lasting, productive connections that generate business leads, create strong relationships, facilitate discussions to share knowledge, experiences and best practices!
Groups will be visible for all SheTrades users. The group content can be classified as public or private.
You can find and join SheTrades groups by searching for groups from the Search field.
Verifiers can invite their networks to join groups they have created. All users can request access to join a group even if they are not part of the Verifier’s network.

Which are the seven Global Actions?
One key element of the initiative is a Call to Action, that sets out a framework for companies, governments, trade support institutions and civil society organisations to make specific, measurable pledges around seven global actions that contribute to the goal of integrating women more fully into the global economy.

- Collect, analyse and disseminate sex disaggregated data
- Develop and implement trade-related policies with a gender lens
- Increase women entrepreneurs’ participation in the public procurement market
- Increase women entrepreneurs’ participation in corporate procurement
- Enable women to access markets
- Promote access to financial services for women entrepreneurs
- Ensure women’s ownership rights

Select the user type that best represents your institution, join our Group, and start meeting new markets, linking and trading worldwide!

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