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Small and medium sized enterprises are celebrated in the Year for Local Entrepreneurship, and are published on the new Platform Vaolo

Activities related to tourism, small and medium-sized business, in remote communities, are very important for a shared sustainable and sustained economic growth. It is time to celebrate them!
That’s’ why the organisation Village Monde launches the celebration of 2018 as “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Local Entrepreneurship”.
Let's use  #localentrepreneurship sharing with the world those nice local initiatives you have discovered. 
Send stories of locals, women, youth, entrepreneurship initiatives and production to
They will be published on: VAOLO, the innovative portal the makes possible the reservations of trips in those communities without intermediary.
And on

The message is: in many countries small and medium sized local business related to tourism are the only source of decent work. So, after the Year of sustainable tourism, it is now time to recognize and promote specifically different types of local initiatives:
• Women entrepreneurship
• Youth entrepreneurship
• Entrepreneurship among local communities
• Sustainable initiatives and production

It becomes harder for initiatives in remote areas to give themselves the needed visibility to be connected to the travel market. It is to answer this need and to facilitate this connection that Village Monde developed Vaolo.
Vaolo, that in Malagasy means New Source, can really become a source of discoveries for the largest number of travelers and of revenue for hundreds of communities
In facts, it directly connects remote and rural accommodations to a worldwide network of travelers looking for new and authentic destinations. This way, Vaolo makes possible the reservations of trips in those communities without intermediary. Furthermore, the money spent in those destinations helps the host communities to improve their quality of life. It is like an AirBnB of responsible tourism, while the money spent helps the host’s community.

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