A Fabulous future with the Tourism Academy

Have your business in control and not have your business control you! How? This is what Carole Favre teaches in a very innovative way.

In fact, she doens’ t “teaches”: she shows you how to use your “genius zone”. Courses just started and women are on line: join them at the Fabulous Tourism Academy. The only course that will lead you by the hand to create or run a business from your genius zone.

You can start immediately: the first aid comes with a video, a free 30 minutes call and a mini-guide. The phone call is a real business consultation, in wich the woman entrepreneur, start upper or experiences entrepreneur,  can ask as many questions as she likes to Carol. Who analyses the business situation and then, assessing what her problems and solutions are, suggests how to help.
It is a three month-programme. Lessons are recorded but there are also group mentoring sessions each month, where you will discuss your challenges and network. The core of the classes are a series of exercises: in each lesson new exercises are meant to open up the mind, to make her more conscious, trusting her intuition to take the right decision,.
Then, to solve her problems in the tourism business, the Fab Tourism Academy puts her in touch with free access talks and seminars by industry professionals on selected topics, helps to grow tours and design a website.The Academy will offer knowledge, a network , mindfulness. But my lessons include something more: how to do business in a completely innovative way. How to do tourism in a way that is good for the community, for the environment, for them, to make a legacy and to make a difference”.

As Carol says: "There is no problem with tourism.
The problem is with women who are not living up to their dreams and ambitions because they don't have access to knowledge, networks and their intuition.
We are responsible for creating our own future but women need more support than men because they start from a lower starting point. Women are not victims to me. They are agents of change. They have to have a structure (the Academy) that help them be the agent of their own change".

The purpose is to create a group of women change makers, who will be a better caring entrepreneurs. With my course they learn how to trust their decision, to listen to their intuition, how to take risks. They are, or will be, women in leaderships, who have a company, who are sitting on their own business, to change the gap, to know what they are doing, and to earn the money they deserve.
The Academy mission is
1. Unleash a generation of confident and hyper-connected women as MARKET LEADERS.
2. Create outstanding businesses in a totally UNIQUE and PIONEERING way.
3. Support women who deeply CARE for their COMMUNITY (click here for more information).
I believe that it is our RESPONSIBILITY - as women - to celebrate the fabulous in ourselves and in others, to build a different and fabulous future for all those we love and care for.
And to take responsibility, we must take ACTION to educate ourselves, so that we can GROW as women and as entrepreneurs

You wil learn very practical tools, how to start your business, pricing, marketing, how to tap into your heart to find a voice and become a market leader, you will have access to many autorithies voices, to many networking platforms, you will set a business plan, take quicker decisions, for a fabulous business and a fabulous you".

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