A new guide

Just published in Italy: "The free women travellers guide", the first travel guide book with a feminine taste, dedicated to women creating travel places and travelling .

200 pages, 50 main stories, hundreds of adresses, links, ideas, data, for adventure, experiences, tastful, original travels.
With ten pages of suggestions, solo hotels, women tour operators, all over the word.

From the Serengety Park to Laddack homestay, making cheese in Armenia or batik in Sengal, arts and festivals in Greece, trails and adventures in Mexico or Middle East, wine tasting, cooking and foraging while going to the ancient thermal baths in Italy.
Introducing women organising bycicling in Cilento near Naples, archeologists in Puglia or geologists in Piemonte, refuges managers  in the Dolomites near Trento.
And in each travel many more are hidden: just in Berlin, you will meet twenty different associations and experts to explore the green recicling or food. And in Bali you will go to the best yoga studios suggested by local women.

With a lovely introduction from the old times women travelers to the historical differences, exclusively written by the geographer Luisa Rossi.

See here Altreconomia Publisher Guida delle Libere Viaggiatrici



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