What did we talk about at ITB

We counted 150 events, just in the Compact CSR-related event program!

There never was, in a tourism fair, a larger number of hours dedicated to the sustainability issues, before the 2019 edition of the ITB (the Berlin tourism fair).

 Issues like: engage more women in panels, human rights, environment, social peace, working conditions, have been related to the most heard key words: community based tourism, security and welfare, certifications, climate resilience, child protection, water, plastic, refugees, abused women.
Iaia Pedemonte have been following the panels discussing empowering women throught tourism.
GRT - as the first web resource linked by UNWTO since the year of it’s launch of the gender focus- , is listing in short the events where women have been awarded, have discussed, have been telling their stories and fights.
We are planning to publish interviews to many of the women we mention here, because they are an example for all our network.

The International Women’s Day She Trades Panel .
How would women in the tourism sector be best supported and connected to international market? Which would enhance business opportunities for them, and would contribute to their socio-economic empowerment?
At the Panel “international Day Special. She Trades: empowering women through tourism” organized by ITC She Trades, ITB and GRT, we discussed about education, training, role models, mentoring, supporting…and being beautiful!
Dr. Joke Buringa introduced the point that, from the women point of view, being more in tourism is not the prerequisite of having better conditions.
Ann Cheptumo, Mary Ragui, Alisa Osei, Funmi Le Moign, tour operators and entrepreneurs in Kenya, Ghana, Uk, described how they got to do the job they wanted, and explained why it is important to assist women into business because they are the bone of the economy, how to involve rural women. As Funmi said, nobody was born doing what we are doing, and if you can project yourself in a role model, and set up a mentoring network, that approach is really transformative.

Awamaki and Open Eyes are the winners of the TO DO Award.
The Peruvian cooperative spent 10 years now selling products made by women, and now also travels, making Andean artisans weavers well known. As Melissa Tola Chepote explained receiving the Award, they are now 12 cooperatives, creating small businesses connected to markets and empowering the women associations.

Open Eyes, based in Delhi, was founded by Ana Alaman, founder of Open Eyes eight years ago, Openeyes is working with communities to create more emotional experiences for our guests, and opportunities for women, artisans, and those working at the lower end of the tourism value chain., who is hiring female-only taxi services, training artisans, organizing yoga and meditation trips, beautiful and original tours of Delhi, and fantastic customized travels in at least nine different regions, always with an authentic and immersive experience

The Spanish association “Las Kellys” have been awarded the To Do Award for Human RIghts. Two thousand.chambermaids have been demanding a decent pay and a better working conditions: as a result the new socialist government has presented an action plan against exploitation at the workplace.

The most interesting declarations according to us:
Myriam Barros, President Chambermaids Association Las Kellys : “I invite all travelers to book only hotels that are not outsourcing. We demand that hotels revert to employing chambermaids only directly under the national agreement, instead of outsourcing the work, against gender violence, exploitation of labor and consumer  behavior”.

Meg Cale, LGBT travel blogger Dopes on the road, said: “I hope in diversity, for women, coloured, any cathegory different from the majority. Because diversity makes all stronger and including all groups and genders will make us stronger all together”.

 Zina Bencheick, regional manager PEAK DMC Maroc : “ I hope to double the number of female trip leaders in Morocco by 2020. We still have a long way to go to reach gender parity within the tour-leading industry. I hope all the associations will merge for a changement in Morocco”. 

What is a good news according to Lucy Ferguson, consultant at the Unwto Report ?
For example the last commitment against violence between private sector Melia and Unions IUF, (the largest Unions of Food, Restaurants, hotels, and allied).
Second , she is very hopefull about Policies at national and regional level for the future

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