The new Global Report on Women in Tourism

The preliminary findings of the second Global Report on Women in Tourism have been released.


The Report will compile the latest statistical data and in depth examples of good practice to illustrate the contribution tourism is making towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5, achieving gender equality.
Doctor Lucy Ferguson, lead consultant of the Report, introduced the first data.
With a further quantitative and qualitative analysis, the data show that women are the majority of the tourism workforce, that the Gender pay gap is lower then in other businesses, that tourism offers wider opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship, mainly in part time employement.
The Report will be focused in four key findings:
- Challenging stereotypes (especially in guiding)
- Improved development conditions
- Some Countries have now policies and the implementation is starting from here
- Technology and digitalitation provide women with more training opportunities and stimulate entrepreneurship and gender quality: this will be the original point in the report

The Report will examine some thematic Areas: Employment, Society, Policy, Tourism Industry, Geographical Scope, Techonology and digital platforms

The investigation has been going on in different regions and communities. In Africa the Field Gender and tourism consultant is Dr Brenda Boonabaana, in Asia Dr Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore, and in Latin America and the Caribbean the work is done by Dr Daniela Moreno Alarcón.

As Bagmar Schumacher, head of UN Women in Bruxelles explained during the ITB event, in the Report we will read the examples from Capo Verde and Uganda, as best practices of entrepreneurship.
And Marina Diotallevi, UNWTO head of Ethics, Culture and SR, added that the final Report will be presented at the UNWTO Congress in Ghana in October.

The speakers mentioned the guides in Marocco, the hotels associations in Uganda, the case of women buying land and Ride 4 a Woman in Uganda, the fight for decent work in Capo Verde, the program Riise in AccorHotels, providing women employees with mentorship training.

Several important personalities were invited: among them, Madame Memanatu Pratt, Minister of Sierra Leone, gave a very interesting speech aoubt her projects.



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