GRT invited to the Festival of Responsible Tourism

GRT was invited to the 11th edition of Itaca migrants and travelers - Festival of Responsible Tourism to bring its experience to the event: The journey as a possibility for the development of local communities.

We also presented The Guide to Free Women Travelers: 50 routes collected for us, from India to Madagascar, from Sicily to Berlin, up to the Himalayas. Many journeys to discover the world and oneself to give value to everything that surrounds us, to the environment, to people, to food, to change and, why not, to the silence that remains when we move away from known places to discover the territories hardly beaten by our feet and our soul.

"An enchanting place, an emotion to bring back home, a good number of curiosities to discover, many people to meet (possibly people who tell you some stories about the enchanting place), the possibility of moving in nature, many small pleasures to feel , touch, taste, know that you have also done something useful, with a bit of irony and a bit of commitment Here is the plot that links our pages: these are the "feminine" qualities of a journey "– Iaia Pedemonte


Tags: women travellers, women in tourism

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