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Where: Perù, Cuzco

Who: Caith


 45 women work in a center that helped thousands of girls

In Cuzco you will visit S. Geronimo, the fruit market, the city unknown meanders with a local culture mediator. In the rest of the Country tours are organised in Nazca, Palpa, Titicaca. All by Yanapanakusun, the associations that opens doors to local life with the certainty that proceeds remain to people, first of all girls and women. Here is the description of the Association : The responsible travel agency “CAITH” of Yanapanakusun centre is a Peruvian NGO that mainly deals about the housewife’s problems and rights. The situations of the housewife in Peru it’s totally different from others countries. We are talking about children from 6 years that work in a semi slavery condition, for 12/16 hours at day, unpaid, discriminated, in poor alimentary and health conditions, without day off and only in few cases with the opportunity of studying but only in night schools where the educational standard is really low.

Here we have some different projects: -A temporary family house for home workers. A place where we receive girls coming out from a bad exploitative situation. This was the first project, besides being a refuge for these girls, here we offer educational, psychological and legal help and we work for reconnecting the girls with their families. -A communication project which basically consist in a radio program broadcasted every day for half an hour where they talk about the workers’ problems, a balanced diet, workers’ and children’s rights. They also print a little magazine every 2 weeks and they keep the websites update. An afternoon school. A primary and secondary school for workers, here we are trying to teach them not only the “traditional” school program but to reinforce their natural skills and to take care about their feelings, working with students who have never been loved in their childhood and, in many cases, who have been abandoned really young. - The library. A new project whose goal is to open a place where the girls of the centre Yanapanakusun can link with the people of the district. Here we offer school reinforcement, some different kind of laboratory and educative as well as recreational activity. - Countryside community program. Two teams works in the rural community of Accha and Huancarani districts. Here, through different actions in the schools and together the families, they try to prevent migration to the urban centers and to improve the conditions in the community. They talk and try to prevent the main problems which are alcoholism and family violence. - Responsible travel agency. An unique opportunity to discover Perú from a different and deeper perspective; to get in touch with a different culture and to better understand Peruvian reality. Besides the “classical” tours we can offer visits at the rural community and “alternatives” tours in a sustaintable touristic way that help to finance our social project.

Here a list of our service. • Sacred Valley T1 (Chinchero, Maras, Moray, Ollantaytambo) • Sacred Valley T2 (Pisaq, Tipon, Pikillacta) • Machu Pichu: classical train tour. • Machu Pichu: alternative way to S. Teresa…a bit longer and tiring but with a wonderful landscape and view. In a sustaintable way!!! • City Tour: discovering Cusco, the main city of Inca empire • Transfer In/out from Airport or Bus station All Tours included private transport and guide (Italian/Spanish/English)

A different view of Cusco: with a guide we see different place of Cusco, San Geronimo and San Sebastian, two typical “barrios” that can show us the daily life in Cusco.Cusco by Night: a walk in the centre streets by night, visiting some interesting projects and stopping to drink a Pisco sour in Aldea Yanapay or “Cositas” café & arte, to taste some biscuits in Qosco Maki bakery, to dine in Cedna restaurant. “Cusco by night” is a tour in company with an employed of the travel agency and one of the worker of Yanapanakusun social project. To know better the actually Peruvian reality and mainly that of the Andinean community enjoying their amazing landscapes. • Accha: two day in the community of Accha, a beautiful road will get us in touch with some typical community and the work that our team developed there in the cultural house, in the school and with the families. A deeper knowledge of the different reality of Perù. Huancarani: Tour of one/two or three days to meet this community, the kindly people and its wonderful landscape. We’ll share with the people and our team an incredible experience. We’ll get in touch with the difficulties and the beauties of these place that make the life there unique. The 2 tours includes private transport, breakfast/lunch/dinner, night in our structure, a chaperon and the helpfulness of all the team. We could also organize: - The visit to other social project that work in responsible tourism in many part of Perù. (Lima, Palpa, Calapuja, the jungle) - Treks in Lares, Choquequirao, Salkantay an others destinations. - A trip near Titicaca Lake to visit the wonderful Llachon peninsula

We remember you that all we earn finance Yanapanakusun projects. Adress: Urbanizacion Ucchulo Alto, Pasaje S.Toribio N4 Cusco, Perù 0051/084/233595 To reserve a trip:

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