The Migrant cities

Where: Torino, Milano, Roma


 1star Women are guides in the immigration areas

In Turin, Milan, Rome, and soon in many more towns, a new concept of travelling is arousing: to visit the areas where many foreigners settled, with the foreigners who leave there and have a good knowledge of all the secrets of the neighbourhood. As one could expect, women are the best guides. The name of the project is Città Migranda, born in Turin. "Torino Migranda" is a project of the social cooperative Viaggi Solidali with the NGOs Acra and Oxfam Italia and the Intercultural Center of the City of Turin, which led to the realization of "intercultural walks" in the districts of Porta Palazzo and San Salvario. The highly innovative aspect of the project is certainly represented by the training path that led a group of 15 immigrant citizens resident in the city to become "migrant guides" of such walks.

Who are the girls who took the course to become "responsible travel companions" in Turin? They are first and second-generation migrants, who translate for us other cultures present on the territory.


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