Turin with the eyes of Migrantour

Where: Turin

Who: Migrantour


 Young people, men and women work in the Libera network


Keeping up with the continuous cultural and social evolution of Turin (and not only) is possible. There are intercultural walks accompanied by foreign citizens, which are now part of the life of Turin, thanks to Migrantour, a project born thanks to the collaboration of the NGO ACRA, Oxfam Italy and the tour operator of Viaggi Solidali. The latter involved old and new generation migrants living in Turin, creating a series of urban walks, all departing from the market of Porta Palazzo, or Porta Pila, Bab al-Kssar, Adjamé Marché and who knows how many other names he owns. The same happens in Milan, Genoa, Rome, but also Florence, Naples, Brussels, Lisbon, Paris and Ljubljana.

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