Costa Rica. The story of the sustainable souvenirs

Fanny Calvo Aguilar, of Futouris, tells us how she and the designer Natasha Moss made a project supporting rural women employment through sustainable souvenirs, so that now tourists are involved too. 
The project Women Breaking Limits is based on what is known as “Responsible Design” (RD) which isthe design that articulates the components of sustainability (economy, society and environment) in a comprehensive way. 
The souvenir's project , long and qualified, created Hipn’Verde: a company headed by women who would like to create economical benefits but also social and environmental benefits through the design, production and distribution of eco-friendly bags and accessories. The idea of the RD is to develop human and social capital while developing profitable and environmentally friendly products and processes, consistent with the social context and the global situation in which they are designed. The outcome of its development should cause real changes in society. These changes should be directly related to social, economic and environmental improvement.
And at the end the visiting tourists will find more and more.

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