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How to move from a developing project in a community, to a responsible tourism project? There is a new way of travelling and a wright way of organising tourism locally sustainable. Here the best projects explained by actors and experts. Indicators, guide lines, stories.

This is the story of how a long experience in Tanzania brought Istituto Oikos from environment to people, to focus on projects with women. Who are the great protagonists of Maasai Women Art fair trade. While the Maasai Community learned how to organise tourism. So now, going there means to bring an advantage directly to Maasai people. 


An adventure started 40 years ago. This is a story of how a group of women became an ethical association, started building, harvesting, educating, making responsible tourism. And how you can go visit, for a holiday in their b+b in Sardinia. 

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From the south side of the word, this is the story of the first project that ended succesfully, involving the Community from the beginning. Starting from a development project and becoming a great travel.

Climb Annapurna, learn English, become a mid wife? This and more is part of the project Empowerement Women Nepal , created for women and the community by Lucky, Dicky e Nicky Chetri. And since the three sisters and their scholars are great trekking and climbing guides, all you have to do is to go visit Khahare, Pokhara, Nepal.

This is the story of how the Acra Ngo, organised in Zanzibar projects against poverty, that achievedmaking a better tourism, a better life for communities, Questa è la storia di come, in anni di lavoro, la Ong Acra ha organizzato a Zanzibar progetti contro la povertà, che hanno migliorato il turismo, la vita delle comunità, la qualità e la quantità di esperienze per i viaggiatori.

As you can read in “Ecuador. Life with the Community”, the beautiful south American country is visited in two/three weeks with Taddart. We have asked Ivàn Suàrez Pròcel, local guide and community tourism promotor, to describe how the communities that travallers meet, in the Region of Intag,...

How to define new tourisms? What is community based tourism? What are the basic points to know, the golden rules to follow, in order to make an efficient project? Here you will find the Mascontour Guide Lines, from a power point Nicole Haeusler sent us, and the summary in Italian.

Two useful Wwf documents: the guide lines in italian and the suggestions for nature oriented travelers in English.In the first document in Italian: strategy sharing, quality, impact and technical management.. Linee guida per lo sviluppo dell’ecoturismo basato sulla comunità. In the second... 

How to be prepared to a responsible tourism project in a developing Country? Simona Guida, responsible of CISV projects, sent us this Paper with guide lines. Her key word is: bottom up inclusive approach.

For those going to make a Community project, the Zalala Beach Lodge Society is a good example of environmental and community work.As Angela Hadjipateras, who started the project with the International Centre for Responsible Tourism and is now in the board of directors, says: <<In order to...

Alessandra Confalonieri, carries out her master in ethical tourism studies, dreaming of making environment, local communities, and struggle against poverty more sustainables.  Her journal is an invitation to learn how to make it, for cooperators and stakeholders. Find out more in Istituto... 

Daniela Battafarano is responsible for the Ngo Icei in Center America and Caraibians. This is the story of her project in Dominican Republic, from the participated start to the succefull opening of a rural community, where women are very important.

Responsibility starts in the office and continues with suppliers, environment, social aspects. Marcela, Paula and Hernàn Torres founded Southern Cone Journeys to realize a dream: a company that would highlight Chile's natural and cultural attractions through responsible tourism. Now Southern Cone... 

Cooperators and visitors describe women's life in Louga. We learn how hard they work (even young girls), how proud they are, how Sokhena Dia is happy to work in the batik atelier (and reinvest 35% in the coop), and Condeye Diagne is happy to sell handcrafts. In Popeguine and Ndombo they organise a milk factory and a forest reserve, but are shy to talk to the italian tourist.

What Associations of Responsible Tourism do? The French  Vision du Monde is active in many Countries. Its projects list is useful to better understand how wide and useful can this field be. Have a look at the list in French. 

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