News of parity from Rwanda

Where: Rwanda, Kigali

Who: Nyamirambo Women Center

The strength of women changed the country

There is a important news, Marie Aimè Umugen, president of the Nyamirambo Women Center and interview in the first guide was nominated to be the chairperson of the Rwandan Community Tourism Association and member of the nation tourism chamber.

This nomination is very important when considering the genocide that happened in 1994, after this event 70% of the population was female and because of that they had to take matter in their own hands and rebuild the country. 

Rwanda today is one of the leader for gender equality and it ranks in fifth place, same as Norway, for the Gender Gap meaning the difference of salary between genders. Despite all of this it still ranks at the 48th place between the least developed countries, with a population of 60% that lives in poverty.

Because of all these reasons there are tours that promote female business in Kigali, the capital. All of these tours are explained in our guide. 

It is possible to go sightseeing with some excellent guides, the women from the Nyamirambo Women Center, this ONG was founded in Rwanda in 2007 by Marie Aimée. The purpose was to strength female schooling, work formation, fight abuse, inequality and discrimination. 

Marie Aimée Umugeni explained that everyday at the center there are more than 50 women ready to learn and in the literacy class there are almost 40 students. She continued by saying that after the genocide the tourist where only focused in going to see the gorilla and they would never stop in the city, but now they are interested in knowing the history of Rwanda, its typical food and culture. NWC only employs local people and gives them the competence to be independent and develop the community. 

During the tour will be possibile to taste coffe in shop managed by female and will be also possible to participate in cultural and artistic tour that will start from the NWC,  will cross mosques and will finish in weaving lab in which will be possibile to weave your own carpet. 

In july of 2022, Marie Aimèe would like to organize a meeting in Kigali about Women in tourism in which she invites all of the travellers and entrepreneurs

These women's energy already reached the tourist of all the world and its waiting just for you!


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