Friendly homes

Where: Iglesias, Sardegna

Who: Domus Amigas

 An association of women started with B+b and created a large catchment area in every field

They were the first and they are always a step ahead: today a route to their homes, in the southwest of Sardinia, includes archaeological walks, fishing, cooking. The most original and extensive hospitality network of the island consists of more than 20 houses and about fifty craftsmen, farmers, guides, canoe instructors, diving. We go from the Barcas Amigas for the outings with the fishermen, to the Casa di Nonna for the archaeological walk, from the herbalist and the cook Paola de Lussu with whom to collect herbs, to the workshops of the pasta, dumplings, focaccia stuffed dell'Iglesiente with Ausilia, Silvana’s cooking class in Sandriana.

What’s their most recent activity? The study and dissemination of seeds and organic farming, for which they are collaborating on the regional biodiversity law. All are organized by the Self Development Experimental Center. founded by the women of Domus Amigas.

What has not changed: visitors, in every "domus", live the daily reality, always in an atmosphere of conviviality, celebration, family gatherings, dinners. Agriculture, baking, basketry, are just some of the activities you participate in, you go to trails and events in countries, you collect herbs in the spring, you spend three days among flamingos, you explore mines or you participate in the laboratory of raw earth, and then there are the "itinerant laboratories", for which the guests of the various houses participate in paths in other houses, cared for by those who know the territory.

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