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Where: Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Who: CEGA Arugam bay tourism

Kudakali women produce and sell artcrafts

Cega is one of the most advanced projects in the Country. Planned and managed by locals. Arugambay is a community in the remote South East of the Island of Sri Lanka. They promote income-generating activities related to community-based tourism for the sustainable development of local communities through environmental conservation and the enhancement of cultural heritage. Women work in the village of Kudakali making and selling products of the land and handicrafts. 

Arugambay is a village on the south coast of Sri Lanka. The Community is organised to promote tourism for local development. The women working in the conutry founded the Women Rural Development Society in the Kudakali village. They grow vegetables, make crafts, sell to the bio-market. 

You can choose among six tours, exploring and supporting local community. Tourists are trekking, camping, cycling, visiting farms, fishermen, craftpeople, villages. See Arugambay Tours Responsible Tourism.

Community-Based Eco-guide
Association (CEGA)
Main Street, Arugam Bay,
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 71 2058513

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