Where: Lunigiana (La Spezia)

Who: Cooperativa Lunidonna

A coop started by local women to employ young

Where: Ceranesi (Genova)

Who: Il Giardino dei Germani Reali

Care and didactic activities made up for women and children needs

Six differentt offers for the beautiful  Mete

Special Offer:

From cultural tours to wine and oil tasting, passing from one to another of the six beautiful Mete, the holiday will be full of experiences

Where: Liguria

Who: Mete di Liguria

AAGRTMemberper testo piccolo    A unique example of six women who joined together to transmit their land’s values

Guided Tours in the ancient Hamlets Ligurian Borghi

Special Offer:

Maura, the owner, tourist guide and author of numerous books on the gardens of western Liguria, offers free travelers who will require a guided tour of the village of Diano Castello, which recently entered the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Exclusive wine tasting with the winemaker

Where: Liguria

Who: Agriturismo Borgo Muratori

AAGRTMemberper testo piccoloGRT Member caring for the environment, gardens, culture

The first emotion that strikes in Borgomuratori is the light

Oil tasting and Oil mill tours

Special Offer:

Independent Women Travelers will have the most interesting experience:  the visit of the model oil mill and an oil tasting session, produced in the most famous land in the world for its olives, with the oil specialists

Exclusive wine tasting with the winemaker

Where: Liguria

Who: Agriturismo L'Adagio

AAGRTMemberper testo piccoloGRT Member with a strong, rifined link to the community

The Adagio is a luxury farmhouse, climbed to the top of one of the most beautiful and historic valleys

Wine tasting with the oenologist

Special Offer:

Marta, third generation of women managing the elegant farm house and precious vineyards, will guide the Independent women travelers in a wine tasting session and in a visit to the cellars

Exclusive wine tasting with the winemaker

Where: Liguria

Who: Agriturismo Valcrosa

AAGRTMemberper testo piccolo  GRT Member caring for the environment and style

You come here to breathe in the silence, between the green and red of the olive trees and vineyards,

Where: Torino, Milano, Roma


Women are guides in the immigration areas

Thea and Aperitif in the Castle Garden

Special Offer:

Independent women are invited for a cup of tea or for a celebrated craft-cocktail with appetizers, in the garden looking over the Langhe Hills

Where: Piemonte

Who: Real Castello di Verduno

AAGRTMemberper testo piccolo  Excellent example of management in which women share the highest specializations

Where: Piacenza

Who: Pink Route

A net of more than 20 women in the Po river valleys


Where: San Ginesio (Macerata)

Who: Fattorie del Panda

At la Quercia della Memoria Federica de Luca is an expert of kids farm holidays

Where: Iglesias, Sardegna

Who: Domus Amigas

An association of women started with B+b and created a large catchment area in every field

Dove: Isola Asinara, Sardegna, Italia


Unique in the world for its nature and history and for the more than 150 guides, teachers, restaurateurs, naturalists, professional women managers

Discounts at the craft studios

Special Offer:

The Special Offer for Independent Women Travellers is a discount of 10% on a choice of design, ceramics, embrodiery, local crafts, that you can find at the Botteghe and at the ateliers

Where: Sardegna

Who: Su Gologone

AAGRTMemberper testo piccolo  One of the highest examples of reference to local culture in the attention to detail

Where: Valle del Carpina, Alta Umbria

Who: Associazione Valle del Carpina

Not only 25 owmen but the all valley operators are networking

10% discount on first night, welcome aperitif, suggestions for visits to the community and book sharing

Special Offer:

10% discount on first night and welcome aperitif

Where: Siena, Tuscany

Who: Paradiso n.4

AAGRTMemberper testo piccolo   Sustainabily and beauty in a model b+b created by Paola Orefice, GRT Member in Siena

10 euro discount, meet the old shops, experience the nature

Special Offer:

Special paths at each season, new experiences, with the guide Francesca, and for the early birds and friends 10 euros discount

Where: Capraia, Tuscany Archipelago
Who: Walden viaggi a piedi and the women on the island of Capraia

AAGRTMemberper testo piccoloWalden Viaggi is a GRT Member, the trekking is to meet the community, to protect the environment. You will meet a network of twelve female innovators, who lead the way to increasing employment and nature-based/cultural tourism

10 euros discount and special offers for groups of friends Independent women travellers

Special Offer:

An unforgettable nature experience with the environmental guide, discount of 10 euros for you and for your friends

Where: Alpi Apuane

Who: Walden viaggi a piedi

AAGRTMemberper testo piccolo The trekkings organised by the GRT Member Walden, are always meant to dicover the environment. Here with a lady guide to meet her friends, lady managers of refuges

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