10% discount on all initiatives 

Special Offer:

For Indipendent Women Travellers who want to try inspirational journeys to discover authentic Italy, Italian Flavors prepares many surprises with 10% discounts

Where: Sardinia

Who: Italian Flavours

AAGRTMemberper testo piccolo  GRT Member specialized in travel in taste with great attention to culture

Where: Valle del Carpina, Alta Umbria

Who: Associazione Valle del Carpina


 Not only 25 women but all valley operators are networking

10% discount on first night, welcome aperitif, suggestions for visits to the community and book sharing

Special Offer:

10% discount on first night and welcome aperitif

Where: Siena, Tuscany
Who: Paradiso n.4

AAGRTMemberper testo piccolo   Sustainabily and beauty in a model b+b created by Paola Orefice, GRT Member in Siena

10 euro discount, meet the old shops, experience the nature

Special Offer:

Special paths at each season, new experiences, with the guide Francesca, and for the early birds and friends 10 euros discount

Where: Capraia, Tuscany Archipelago
Who: Walden viaggi a piedi and the women on the island of Capraia

AAGRTMemberper testo piccoloWalden Viaggi is a GRT Member, the trekking is to meet the community, to protect the environment. You will meet a network of twelve female innovators, who lead the way to increasing employment and nature-based/cultural tourism

10 euros discount and special offers for groups of friends Independent women travellers

Special Offer:

An unforgettable nature experience with the environmental guide, discount of 10 euros for you and for your friends

Where: Alpi Apuane

Who: Walden viaggi a piedi

AAGRTMemberper testo piccolo The trekkings organised by the GRT Member Walden, are always meant to discover the environment. Here with a lady guide to meet her friends, lady managers of refuges

10 euros discount, groups of friends and on the village markets

Special Offer:

10 euros discount, special prices if you come with your friends and sales on the village markets

Where: Val d'Orcia, Siena

Who: Walden viaggi a piedi

AAGRTMemberper testo piccoloTrekking organised by the GRT Member Walden Viaggi a Piedi aiming at environmental discovery. A guide and the women she meets are an example of awareness

Where: Montalbano di Fasano (Brindisi)

Who: Masseria Mozzone

 At the Masseria Mozzone women create beauty products and cooking recipes 

Where: Orsara di Puglia 
Who: Masseria Posta Guevara 

2stars A short food supply chain enterprise, involving local women and tourists

Where: Sant' Ambrogio (Palermo)

Who: Sicilian Experience

 In the eco-village, various activities in the area have created new job opportunities for the locals and 20 women, as well as tour managers, cooks, guides, teachers and hospitality workers.

Where: Sicilia. 
Who: Il gusto di viaggiare

1starLibera is a network of young women and men working to build new enterprises where once was mafia

Where: Italia, Sicilia

Who: Addio Pizzo Travel

 Nature and fight against mafia

Where: Morigerati (SA) 
Who: Paese Ambiente

 Women organize and welcome in the diffuse hotel with old traditions and new WWF nature treks


Where: National Park Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni (SA)

Who: Cilentans Women

3star Over 14 pioneers of knowledge and tastes are starting a net: concerning local products and Mediterranean diet

Where: Locride, Calabria 
Who: Consorzio Sociale Goel

2starsSeveral women work in the cooperatives along historical paths

Dove: Marsicovetere, Potenza

Chi: Il Querceto

3starInnovation is a filosophy  in a all women  bio tourism agri resort

Where: Lucania

Who: Some of the Lucania women

3star A tour crossing tens of artcraft and food producers

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