Tropical and Solidarity

Where: Central American
Who: Experiencias Raramuri, Posada Rural Amistad, Posada Madia Luna


 Men and women working in the sustainable promotion of their territory.

From the heart of the Mexican desert to the blue beaches of Costa Rica through the seven Panamanian regions, we discover Central America outside the traditional circuits.

Get excited about the legends told by the elderly Raràmuri, or Tarahumari as they define themselves, discover their culinary traditions and their handicrafts, which are part of the Raramuri Community Project. Or do some farming with the women of the Damas de Chira Association, who with the cultivation of oysters, the manufacture of objects with seeds, the guidance in the forest, invest with their earnings to improve their community, to do environmental education and strengthen the protection against fires. Finally, be accompanied by professionals and Panamanian peasants of the Association Mujeres Unids de Bonyk to live exciting experiences between the waterfalls and the giant flowers of the tropical forest to the district of Pedasì, where between July and October you can observe the whales.

These are just some of the contacts in the guide of the Association Gender Responsible Tourism, discover on our interactive map all the other destinations!

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