The guardians of the spirit of the bear

Where: Canada, Klemtu

Who: Spirit Bear Lodge

 A travel between sustainability, nature and safeguard

We find our self in Klemtu, 500 kilometers form the pacific coast of Canada, in the biggest pluvial forest in the world.

Spirit Bear Lodge offers a variety of experience: from going on a boat to see whales, orcas or sea lions in the oceans, to hiking in search of wolfs and much more. One of the main attraction is the search of the rare and mysterious Kermode bear, with a light fur, it has impersonated the spirit of nature for centuries. 

The goal of Spirit Bear Lodge is that to promote environmental sustainability with many initiatives such as, the "Coastal Clean up project" which took out from the soil almost 13 tons of garbage, 

If you want to learn more about Canada, look at the Independent travellers guide!

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