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Dove: Misi, Bursa

Who: Yesil Valiz

3star More than 200 women involved in four projects

The historical hidden village of Misi, just south of Istanbul, is livening up with  rural traditions,  restaurants, workshops, walks, cooking classes, visits to art and nature. And yet more to come in the next years, with new Projects made by women. "We have reached the goal of giving them self confidence", says Arzu Ozenen, chairperson of the Green Valise Association for Responssible tourism's Board (and she explains more in Dossier. New Projects. The Green Valise)..

But in fact, they created a new great destination.

Misi is a cosy streamside village nestled in the foothills of Uludağ, just a few kilometers from Bursa's city center.
With a history that extends back nearly 2000 years, Misi has been the hunting lands of Bithynia who reigned before Seljuks and Ottoman Empire. For the last century Misi has been a perfect weekend escapade for local tourists who have heard about the hidden village: one or two streamside cafes, women selling handmade crafts in front of their wooden houses, certainly not an organized tourism destination. Until two years ago...

Then, the Misi women's turned into a surprising hideaway.
First, they renovated two registered historical buildings into a restaurant and a traditional handcrafts workshop, and now the "Coccon House " and the "Silk House" are the heart of village life.

The restaurant Koza Evi serves traditional Turkish food, specifically centuries-old recipes from Bursa. The recipes are prepared with locally supplied food, the menus change according to the seasons and traditional cooking workshops are organized in the restaurant. There are several interesting recipes, such as hand-made pasta made with nettles, meat stew with chestnuts, lokma (a pastry like Yorkshire pudding) and helva (a dessert made with semolina).

The traditional handcrafts shop Ipek Evi, served as a ethnographic museum to observe the production of silk, from sericulture activities, to weaving of the silk fabric. The house also has a shop for the tourists to buy the handmade silk products.
Tourists can attend workshops in which they learn how to make cocoon flowers, or traditional needlework and how to paint fabric with traditional methods.

If you want to undergo the authentic village life, you can choose among several activities and experiences packages.

Guests who stay in the rustic atmosphere of wooden houses of Misi, experience the real turkish hospitality, woke up with the mystic sounds of ezan, coming from the mosque, have the chance to join trained woman guides for a delightful walk at the lake Dagyenice. And here, after a yoga salute to the sunrise, have the healthiest breakfast, prepared by the village women, they even join in the preparation of the gozleme (a cheese pastry) made with the herbs they picked on their route from Dagyenice

Throughout the year, from Misi, you can visit the old Bursa city centre (15 minutes by car), hire a caravan to explore the mountain villages (20-50 minutes), go skiing in Uludag (40 minues by car) or go to seaside for a nice swim in Mudanya (35 minutes by car).


Esentepe Mahallesi
Okul Caddesi
Aksel Yılmaz Sitesi A Blok,
16100 Bursa

Tel. 02242402106


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